By combining cleaning & protecting into a single step, we can make floorcare easier & less expensive. The Linpol Floorcare Program will provide you with a more efficient, safer and sustainable floorcare program than traditional methods. Because Linpol cleans, as well as, protects from daily foot traffic, the need for interim floor processes such as burnishing and floor refinishing are reduced dramatically and in some cases, completely eliminated.

  • Less Burnishing- less potentially harmful particulates in the air
  • Less Refinishing- less chance for slips and falls and the potential release of harmful VOC’s from floor strippers.

The Linpol Floorcare Program delivers a cleaner and safer floor, while helping improve the overall indoor environment. Linpol floor cleaners have no VOC’s and therefore leave the air cleaner and healthier.

"3 Simple Steps To Beautiful Floors"

No More Costly Strip-Outs & Recoats

Eliminate Burnishing

Save Your budget

The Linpol Floorcare Program- Products

Linpol Gloss #44

Extend the life of your floor finish and increases gloss on finished and unfinished flooring.

Delta Ultra Floor #27

Rids embedded soil from resilient flooring for deep cleaning and/or program preparation.

Linpol Green AD #15

Restores the natural shine on your terrazzo and polished concrete floors without the use of costly floor finish.

Linpol delivers a cleaner and safer floor

Linpol Gloss combines cleaning and protecting your floors into a single step, making floorcare easier, healthier and less expensive to maintain. Linpol Gloss does not require any specialized equipment or extensive re-training of your staff. On finished VCT your floors will have more even gloss from edge to edge, and the life of the finish extended. Keep a true no-finish floor like LVT clean, glossy, and slip resistant without the added cost of a finish-based floorcare program.

Clean, Restore & Protect Your Floors With Linpol

Linpol Green AD is a 100% biobased daily floor cleaner that not only cleans but protects unfinished natural floors (granite, terrazzo, concrete, etc). Linpol Green AD gradually removes soil embedded in the floor’s microscopic pores and imperfections. As it displaces the soil, Linpol Green AD then fills the pores and imperfections which creates a barrier against re-soiling; keeping your floor surfaces cleaner, glossy and more slip-resistant.

How Linpol Technology Works

LinPol Gloss is a plant-based, neutral pH Floor soap, uniquely designed to suspend soil and winter salts, while simultaneously leaving a protective micro-barrier on the Floor. This micro-barrier (LinPol fatty acids) builds upon itself with each cleaning by Flling all of the pores. As the pores all, gloss increases, and the LinPol barrier keeps soil on top of the surface making cleaning easier. The end result is a consistent and safer Floor that requires less maintenance.

More about Linpol Floorcare

Rid LVT of wear patterns

This healthcare facility couldn’t get rid of the wear marks from the hospital beds getting moved in and out of rooms. After daily cleaning with Linpol Gloss, they now have beautiful unfinished floors with no wear patterns or marks and a brilliant shine.

No Finish? ...No Problem with Linpol

This school was concerned about the wear and tear on their “no maintenance” LVT floors and began contemplating adding floor finish back into their budget. Now they scrub daily with Linpol Gloss and their LVT looks as good as it did when it was installed and doesn’t take any extra work after their daily floor cleaning.

More Wow… Less Labor

This school was tired of stripping and refinishing their terrazzo floors, and turned to Linpol Green AD after fully stripping their floors. After 2 months of scrubbing daily with Linpol Green AD, their floors look as beautiful and brilliant as they did after spending all summer refinishing them, without all the work.