Dilution Control

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Genesan provides multiple dispensing solutions for general cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces
in any facility. From healthcare, education, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing to office spaces and
more. These water-driven dispensers meet all national safety standards. Each offers secure locking
storage cabinets that accept variously sized containers; a wide variety of metering tips to ensure
accurate dilution; and various flow rates to meet all your cleaning needs. All Genesan dilution control
units come with a laminated, color wall chart, customized with your organization’s name and logo.
Mounting template and hardware is included.

Extreme unit

EXTREME dispensers are our most customizable units. The 1-Button,
2-Button and the Dial-A-Mix units (up to 6 cabinets) are designed to
meet any dispensing need you might have. It can accomodate both 2 liter (or ½ gal) or 5 liter (or 1 gal) containers.

podium.4 unit

The PODIUM.4 dispenser is our smallest footprint unit and ideal for
tight locations. It can accommodate up to 4/2 liter (or 4/½ gal)
containers and can dispense all products at both 1 GPM and 4 GPM
if needed.

fusion pro unit

The FUSION PRO dispenser is our newest dilution control unit.
Despite its small footprint, the side-by-side storage cabinets can
accommodate either 1/5 liter (or 1 gal) container or 2/2 liter (or
2/½ gal) containers.

dual flow pod trigger

The DUAL FLOW POD TRIGGER is the go-to unit for small, remote
locations. Whether you’re filling bottles, buckets or scrubbers our
unique dual flow does it all with just the turn of a dial. Designed for
use with any size internally tipped concentrate bottle. It can even
be fitted with a spray attachment for cleaning showers.

Want to know learn more about our line of dilution control units?

contact us to see what application may be best for you and your business